Review Of The Walking Dead: The Final Season

After learning about the principles of life from the character of the parent or teacher Lee in the first part, it is time to inject all that she has learned and how to apply it in the character of her adopted son Alvin Junior.
The final episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be released on March 26 this year on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Many dramas, the end is expected :

The Walking Dead is a series of games that take inspiration from the series of the same name, and share with him the general idea of the game, an attack zombies monsters on all the inhabitants of the earth, but different from the serial in the story and characters.
As these games are known, they all rely on dialogues in the first place, and the system of playfully follows the method of fateful choices taken by the player during dialogues, which can determine the lives of some characters or their death as a result of choice.

Games are also free of some simple movement :

which requires you to explore certain areas, collect tools and belongings around you, or fight some zombie monsters in short battles that seem to be planned in advance.

The Walking Dead:

The Final Season is no different from the previous games in the way of play or the general idea of ​​the story and is no different in the form of graphics or voice performance or any of these details.

I do not mean this badly, but I mean that the game is at the same level as the previous games, both technically and in the presentation of the story.

Now that we’re talking about the same storytelling :

which is the basis of this type of story-based gameplay, I will also avoid burning any events that can upset readers who intend to try this game.
At first, the game shows you scenes from previous games and makes you choose some choices that will affect the way you play later, meaning that even if you have not played the previous parts, you will enjoy enjoying this game without any problems.

The first episode of the game :

in which Clementine meets some new characters, the episode progresses somewhat slowly, as most of the events of the episode depend on the identification of new characters who live with the danger of Zombie monsters in their own way.
Many of the choices in this episode can only be learned with precision in the next episodes, but the episode is also free of some crucial choices and dialogues that depend on the player’s skill in dealing with the psychology of the masses, and how to win friends and attend to his class.

The second episode of the game :

in which Clementine takes advantage of her experience in previous parts, to protect these new children from the danger of the enemies they intend to attack, you have to manage the whole plan, note the weaknesses in the defenses of the place and give advice, all this is left to choose The player, to make decisions that will determine his destiny, and determine the fate of some other people as well.

The third episode :

Where you attack the enemies, and the intensity of the game from this point, and the decisions and choices are also increasing fateful, there are some good battles in this episode, and there are some choices that can’t avoid losses in whatever you do.

The last episode :

Represents the end of the game, the end of the series forever, in which you reap the results of everything you did and everything you learned to make your own end. The last dialogues in this episode depend heavily on what you did throughout the game and what you taught the child.

Next to the story of the game and the events that take place :

There is a hidden story that goes on next to the main story, the educational stages of the child Alvin Junior, you are fully responsible for teaching him how to think about every situation, everything he sees before him, what to think about friendship, Words to be uttered, even murder, must be taught the right ideology of who should die and how people should die in this monstrous world.

The child Alvin Junior or AJ :

He will take your words and think about them often, build his own ideas and make decisions based on the choices you made in all the episodes, and maybe make some wrong decisions that can annoy many, but he will blame the full you and your teaching.

Besides learning AJ :

You also have to deal with the other characters in the game. Your choices in talking sentences can affect their mind and feelings in many ways. This is displayed at the end of each episode.

Some of these results are really unexpected. I can help someone, for example. I find that he was not grateful to me. He felt helpless that he could not do what I did. Right and wrong are not quite clear in this game. Taken, the results are handled, and this is something I loved so much.

My Opinion :

What I did not enjoy was the extent to which decisions affected the end of the game. I felt that there were many decisions that could be ignored until the focus was on the basic story. There are also some characters who showed great annoyance with the choices I made, The end was treated as if nothing was.

There is also the subject of story protection, which as we know in any story, protects the hero from any danger or any harm until he finishes his role in the story, which in all cases ends only when the story ends, so whatever happens, you always know that Clementine and AJ Nothing bad will happen to them, but they will overcome all the problems they may face. This has affected my enjoyment of the fateful choices that the game offers.

There are some things I like about the story, which can be enjoyed in general without having to relate to the same story, such as internal Clementine dialogues with themselves, some ways of thinking and dialogues by characters, which actually prompts you to wonder what you would do if you were in their place any time.

Some of the play-related moments in a certain space of time were also exciting and set in different places to reduce the boredom that may affect players from hearing the story and dialogues most of the time.

The last episode, in particular :

appeared to have ended faster than expected, and its duration was also less than other episodes. The level of dialogues was also not good compared to other episodes, and the viewer and presentation was something to be expected because this is the end of the teacher’s and student’s journey in any genre Types of works of art that rely on the same idea.

The Walk Dead: The Final Season :

A series of series, serials or dramas will be happy for everyone because they provide the desired content that the series has known from the beginning, but the end seems predictable, and it also seems to rush and abandon some of the key characters and important dialogues In order to reach this end.

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