Review of Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus :

Is a first-person shooter, incorporating elements of survival, and elements of concealment, with exciting storytelling, inspired by the Metro series, written by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky.

The game will be released on PS4, Xbox One, PC on February 15, 2019.

Unlike most current shooting games, Metro Exodus focuses on the story in the first place, making you indulge in the world of the most exciting fantasy novel. In addition, the game uses many different means, such as dynamic weather system, And freedom in the game system, to make the linear story system that I created, enjoyable and suitable for many players of different tastes.

Theoretical speech sounds good, but how is it translated into the game?

In this article, we’ll talk about all the new details added by Metro Exodus to the series, as well as answer all questions that might be of interest to players interested in this type of game.

A new and exciting direction to the story of the game Metro Exodus.

The first and most remarkable thing in Metro Exodus is the new direction of the story, which goes beyond the usual system of story that was linear in the subway tunnels, creating a great adventure that stretches across the continent and over different periods of time, representing a whole year in the lives of the heroes of the game.

As for the characters :

It became more profound and more different, the story that was driven by events in the past, has become dependent on the characters in the first place, and these characters, their way of thinking, and their feelings towards the world of the game, and towards each other, , And the goal of each task you meet within the game.

This makes every task in the game have a strong meaning, and the goals of the game itself are instilled in the minds of the players with the least effort. You will find yourself interested in every detail, every sentence, naturally, without the need to focus or sympathize with characters who are strange to you, You have played the previous parts, it is easy to understand the suffering of the characters and their way of thinking by playing this game.

It is also important to mention that there is not one boring minute in the game, many missions contain breathtaking sights and many shocking things that always make you ready. The sound division of the game also helped me to interact with every scene, every story, and even the times I walked without any words or tasks. It was very enjoyable because of the magic voice split, which mixed with many of the beautiful details I will mention later in the article.

Usually, the person who has a dream, faces many difficulties in achieving this dream, and the new dream that drives the hero Artyom this time to do adventures and challenges, you can feel how important to the hero, and the extent of sticking to it, with the many shocking things that will face With the game.

The new weather system is very realistic, and different from usual

This is the point I would like to touch upon after talking about the story because it has a great impact on the experience of storytelling within the game.

As I mentioned before, the game takes place over the course of a full year, meaning that you will have four different seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter seasons. You will feel like you are playing four games in one game.

I have not thought about this before, but in many games, I do not know how the time goes by, or how many days and hours the story of this game has to happen, it may be a small and unimportant detail, but in this game, this small detail has become very important.

The whole world of the game :

Is designed to suit this idea. You will do missions in the harsh cold, sand-filled summer and relatively quiet spring and autumn seasons in their respective weather. This theme not only appears in the sky or tree details but also has a real impact on the story. , The way the characters deal, and of course fighting mode, there are also some key tasks, which rely entirely on the impact of weather on the main team members in the game.

In every weather, you will perform a variety of missions, which rely on stealth, access to certain places, and of course fighting with many monsters as well as human soldiers. It is interesting here how each task looks different depending on the weather, The desert is accompanied by a weak vision due to sandstorms, I mean weak vision literally means that you can not see anything at all, and you have to change your place or install your weapons to suit this new challenge.

The theme also applies to snow :

Where the presence of snow makes new roads on the map did not exist before and gives you the opportunity to make new challenges, can not be done except in this weather, and this place.

The game still retains its own character, adding some new facilities and improvements.

The point of the Metro series :

Is the possibility of playing the game entirely by stealth or playing the game as a normal action game based on shooting and defeating enemies only, or you can also merge between the two at any time, and in any mission, there are many ways to do a certain task, The game does not require you to do something that you do not want. This point still exists in Metro Exodus as it is without a difference. There are also five different difficulties to choose from, which control the number of resources you get while playing.

Of course, walking in the game in a peaceful way, or killing all those in your way, has an effect on the end of the story as before.

A change I liked very much was to remove the idea of ​​using bullets as a kind of money to buy equipment because it would force me to provide lead instead of using it. Now the equipment and weapon repairs depend on a different kind of material that you collect from many areas during the game.

Another point in this game :

Is the possibility of exploiting all the weapons you find on your way, even if you do not need it, you can press a button to disassemble this weapon, extract resources and pieces from it, this point I really loved it and it is also very important because I was going I have had a lot of problems, such as the lack of enough bullets for this weapon, which forces me to abandon it for another weapon that is currently available.

Metro also uses the idea of ​​a gas mask :

Which protects you from radiation. This idea has not changed much. The mask still needs to be changed every time, but it is added that the mask is broken and needs to be pasted every time.
The big and important change in the game is the industry table, which is provided by the game in rest periods between the storylines, or sometimes during missions, which allows you in addition to the possibility of modifying weapons, adding binoculars and lead stores to them, repair the mask, buy filters, Luck means no longer a factor in being ready for any task, you can equip yourself at any time before every task.

Some of the flaws I found in the game

It is one drawback I found, but it is a shame that I have a lot of trouble during the game. Sometimes, tasks require me to interact with certain elements in the world, such as buttons, jacks or others, and you have to press the desired button to interact and complete the task, but this button does not appear Often, I had to restart the stage again until the possibility of interacting with the button or lever appeared. This point made me feel a little confused at some periods of play and wasted a lot of time trying to understand what was happening.

Last word

Metro Exodus is a game of extreme realism, accuracy in producing all the details of the gameplay, a dramatic story with a new direction and a much wider range of previous games, deeper than many existing gaming stories. The use of the Dynamic Weather System in this game The more creative things I liked, which added a lot to the game, due to developers’ interest in integrating the system with all aspects of the game, to create a sexy fantasy world where there is no dull one minute.

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