Review of Ashen Game

Ashen is not a game based on innovation :

Since the first few minutes, it seems clear that it takes inspiration from many other games, of course, here we wonder.

What do you intend to add this game to new games?

Many of the details were inspired by the original Dark Souls series, but with some changes in names, bottles of life-limited points of life, the fire that is comfortable with the battles, the spirits that are used as the primary currency in the game. All of this exists in the same order but with only a change of shape and name.

The main factor in Ashen’s game is cooperation

The first difference in the Ashen game is that you are someone who helps you permanently in all the times of the game, this person can be one of the other players who play the same game or someone who is controlled by the game.
This character always exists, even in the battles of the main monsters, and helps you most often, and can eliminate the full masses of monsters, without the need to participate in the fighting yourself.

Although playing with someone else seems nice and fun, but it made the game very easy, especially on the map’s surface from the outside, and often I was walking without killing anyone because the helping person took care of it and automatically collected the lives for me.

You can first get rid of it and play completely alone, or you can also choose a new system after you finish the game, making the game more difficult by reducing your life points and your ability. It’s all optional so it did not bother me much.

But if I was asked about the experience of playing with a friend, I felt that it was a bit boring and useless, and it would be better to play alone.

Make your own safe place

This is not the only factor that the game has changed. Another vital point in the game is that you have your own city, which you develop by inviting people you meet throughout the game to the city.
Doing this opens up new prospects for you, and completely new things can be done, such as modifying and developing weapons, getting some special abilities, and many more.

Also, people in this game, a key factor in helping you, reach your goal of the journey, where the game contains a larger amount of dialogues, and different and varied audio performance, to make each character come alive.

On the other hand, I wish the characters themselves had faces, to add a real character to the dialogue sentences, but all the characters in the game without faces, and this found him a bit strange, although it is a game that makes you design your main character at first, what is the benefit Without face?

The main monsters are the best of the game

Walk in the dull world, this is inevitable, there is no new around you non-scenic, quiet music, many repetitive small fights that can easily avoid.

But the main monsters are quite another story. The monsters here are very giant, varied in the way they fight, also different in the ways they can be defeated, and their combat movements are also unpredictable and difficult, unlike the regular monsters on the map.

A remarkable effort in making the world of the game

The story of the game is also exciting, talking about the bird responsible for the emergence of all living things in the game, by dead breath, and your trip to protect this bird, and prevent the world from falling into the dark.

But the story here is not just an idea that the game presents at the beginning, but many different stories are told through the game by the characters you meet, and the monsters you encounter while playing.

The world also looks beautiful and charming, although the power of graphics is weaker than some other games of the same kind, it gives you the desired feeling that the game wants to deliver, namely hope, the return of light and peace to the world.

Last word

Ashen is a game that is trying hard not to be compared to the Dark Souls games, but in the end, the game is still a copy of the original game, and it adds some things from other games currently exist, to make a mix of games in one game, But it is also not different enough to be able to appear among other games now.

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