Major Versions Of Games

There are some special games that were not lucky to be released a little early, but they are still one of the most anticipated games in a while, and, some games that revive previous chains of games that we liked so much when we were young.

1-Just Cause 4 :

The adventurous hero Ricardo Rodriguez is back in a new mission to fight the dangerous organization Black Hand, an organization of hired killers who serve many dictators.
This time Avalanche Studio is using an improved version of their graphics engine, which allows players to face harsh weather conditions such as avalanches, sandstorms, strong hurricanes and many more.
Developers also announced the development of artificial intelligence of the enemies in the game significantly from the previous parts, which will add a greater amount of fun and challenge to the game of destruction and vandalism Just Cause 4.

2-Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden :

A new strategy game that combines the gaming system we used to play in XCOM games with story and elements of exploration, infiltration, and, strategy.
You play a team of mutants on a copy of the planet where all humans have disappeared, and you can unlock special abilities and transformations characteristic of these mutants over time to help you in the game.
The main developers of the game have worked on previous powerful games such as Hitman and Payday, so we expect them to perform strongly in this new game.

3- Insurgency: Sandstorm :

The game is a tactical shooting game based on teamwork, planning, a war between tight spaces, and missions.

There are many weapons and plans that can be used in combat such as missiles, vehicles and destructive weapons, and there are multiple rewards players receive for their good skills and tactical experience on the field.

4-Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom :

Monster Boy is a two-dimensional open world game where you fight monsters and solve puzzles.

You also have the ability to switch between many different animals during the game and use all of their known features to cross the challenges in the missions.
The game gets great inspiration from Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap, which was re-produced earlier this year.

5-The Last Remnant Remastered :

Japanese RPG gamers will be happy to know that there is one of the best strategy games dating back in a new fashion suitable for current generation platforms.
The game contains a distinctive combat system that allows you to command armies and follow the course of battles quickly and easily, and in a three-dimensional world and fully carries a high graphical power.

6- Super Smash Bros Ultimate :

The new and enhanced version of Nintendo’s famous and exclusive fighting game, which we have been waiting for a long time with impatience.

If you think this game is just a reissue of its version on the Nintendo Wii U, then you are wrong.

The game contains an unprecedented amount of new characters, levels, songs, and, game systems, as well as a new story system called World Of Light.

The game is also redesigned to suit the new players, and also uses the features of the switch excellent, if you want to spend time with your friends or alone without the need to connect to the Internet, there is nothing better than this game, which will give you hours and hours of fun.

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