Review Of The Game Review Sniper Elite V2 Remastered

Studio Rebellion knows how to make games that combine fun and realism at the same time. The game is not so realistic, so out of the ordinary as to forget the idea of ​​basic warfare.

The game may not be as good as the parts of the series :

which are available on modern gaming platforms, but still have the spirit of all the Sniper Elite games, which made hunting very fun and different from other games with similar hunting weapons.

Today we return to experience the origins of the unique Sniper Elite series and talk about the new features added in the enhanced version of the original game.

– Many extras and sniper style fun and unique :

The story of the game can not be considered as something the players have never seen before, as the events of World War II are like many other games.

You play the role of soldier Karl Fairburne, who must prevent the firing of devastating nuclear missiles, and kill the Nazi human elements responsible for the development of these missiles.

During the game, the hero must kill many soldiers to reach his goal. These soldiers are not waiting for you. They are fighting each other on different sides of the war, and he has to fight the soldiers of the two armies together without any help. The soldier will not be able to defeat all the enemies quickly, but he must crawl and move slowly and hold his breath to snip each one of them separately.

The game contains :

10 story missions, seven hours to finish, plus four additional missions available in additional game packs at the time of their release. During these missions, you have to kill many important characters and get new sniper rifles as the events progress. The missions contain a type of bottles that can be searched for and collected for fans collecting things in the games next to the main task goal.

The really fun thing about the game is sniping and shooting. The good shot with the right correction is rewarded with a slow, moving camera that takes you inside the enemies as you watch their bones fall apart and make their blood and limbs fly by shooting the sniper rifle in their soft bodies.
The bullet can also penetrate two soldiers at the same time. If the soldier is lying on the ground, for example, the bullet will penetrate his hands and then his feet if they are on one level. Of course, the next games in the series are quite different, more accurate, and the quality of shooting on the bones here is fairly primitive, but the content is still as enjoyable as the new games.

The real side of the game :

can be seen in the various difficulties of the game, three different difficulties in the degree of impact of wind and gravity on the direction of bullets, and for this, you have to adjust the position of your body and blows your heart to prevent any external impact on the bullet. You can also turn off realism completely and make the game easy and fun without having to adjust all these elements.

Beside the pacemaker :

you can hold your breath for short moments and can enter the focus system to bring you more picture and raise the accuracy of the correction than normal. All this makes the sniping experience exciting and different, and every bullet you launch has a great weight in your mind, eye and mission way.
Since the game focuses on sniping in the first place, you will already feel that each sniper rifle is completely different from the other. The hero of the game will explain these differences in the context of the story, but the actual effect of these differences will be felt from the first moment the new gun is used.

Unfortunately, the same can not be said of the other weapons of the game, such as machine guns and small pistols, which have been found to be very bad, but at least the game gives you enough snipers to avoid using them.
After completing the weapons, we now turn to talk about the game levels itself and the shape of the cartoon and the way you move.

The graphics :

look pretty good, and the evolution of the drawings used in the original, the shape of the buildings and the way the lights are used looks excellent, and it is convenient to look like I am looking at a game of the current generation. It is not smooth enough like modern shooting games.

The sound :

quality is very impressive in the voice performance of the characters, or even in the sounds of bullets and guns, and it seems very clear and loud and I can tell what is going on around me and where the strike comes from just hearing the sound.

The design of the levels :

Is the point that can disturb many players. Many areas, despite the quality of the design look similar, all contain the same walls, limestone, falling bricks and destroyed houses without great differences except in some simple tasks that require you to go to a military base or the like. There are also great distances between the points of return and each other making death very tired and annoying.

Besides the monotony, the levels themselves are not wide enough to allow players to choose different methods to finish tasks. Most tasks seem linear and make you know where and how to hide without having to do any personal effort or thinking. There are some areas within the mission where auxiliary elements such as mines can be used, but these areas are also clear and the number of mines is small to make it an essential element in the implementation of the sniping schemes.

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