Review Of The Dangerous Driving

In video games, we can do many things that can not be applied on the ground, such as going to virtual worlds, traveling through time, flying, and of course, we can experience some real-world experiences with a different flavor, like speeding cars everywhere we want, Other cars without any loss or need to face the consequences, this is the idea you want to introduce Dangerous Driving game.

The developer of the game :

is Three Fields Entertainments, the company that has worked on the previous Burnout games series, and this company’s vision this time aims to bring life back to the type of arcade games, which differ from simulated real-world driving experience simulation games, A quick and enjoyable driving experience before anything else.

Dangerous Driving … Driving is fun and nothing else :

Driving games, in general, suffer from repetition, you do the same thing throughout the game, pressing the accelerator button, and handling the brakes at some sharp turns on the road.

What distinguishes a racing game from the other :

is how you can make me forget the feeling that I am re-playing the same way, and race in the same racetrack, by changing the shape of the landscape surrounding the track, changing the shape of the track itself to make it difficult or diverse and full of different challenges, Music is a very important factor in any racing game to make driving experience more exciting.

From this point of view, I want to touch on the first point that caught my attention: there is no music of any kind in the game. There is only one song playing in the start menu, but there is no music running in the races.
I did not expect much truth because of the poor budget of the game, and the small size of the studio based on it, certainly will not try very much to license many different songs that will cost them money and time, and as I mentioned, in this type of games the biggest focus is on the game system, An alternative solution is to add a Spotify account merge feature to songs within the game, so you can play the songs you want while playing.
Although I liked it, and I hope it will be added to other racing games, but I could not consider it the perfect alternative to no songs at all, and the fact that the game requires you to have a Spotify Premium account, something I do not think is available to all players, In all regions of the world, I can not be considered a solution to the absence of music.

The other point :

is the game system itself. The game makes you race in various parts of the United States, such as deserts, mountains, lakes, and snowy areas, through nine play systems that can drive six different types of vehicles, such as Sedan, SUV and Formula DD vehicles.

There is no great freedom in the way of progress and choose the system you prefer in the game, as the racing system is divided into six types of cars in the game, and each type contains a number of races that need to win each of them to different conditions, you also finish one of the races So that you can open the next race, which means that if there is a system or type of races do not prefer, you have to bear it until you can complete the rest of the races.

The game systems themselves are divided into nine types, but overall they can be limited to only two, racing based on time and speed of driving, collision-based racing and sending the largest number of competing cars to the repair shop.

Getting the first position in racing :

allows you to get better types of cars with you, and there is no possibility to modify and customize cars as you want in the game, you can only change the color of the car randomly before the start of any race.
Speeding up this game is very exciting. Besides the speed of the basic car, you can use the Turbo Speed ​​Drive, which is loaded with time during the race, and using this engine at certain times – besides avoiding other regular vehicles and competing vehicles – is the real challenge in the game.
As the game progresses, and when the races become more difficult, the use of the engine becomes an essential and unavoidable factor in order to complete the race in time.

The driving experience itself is very enjoyable :

the cars are very fast and the controls work well and respond to the slightest touch on the arm. The rotors can also pass smoothly without the need to press brakes or slow down.
Which is not the fun factor is the collision in the game, the least touch can leave the car completely off the track, and when that happens the game shows you a small section shows you how destroyed the car that you are friction with, but the problem is that the control of the car is withdrawn from you completely When you view the video, when the camera returns to focus on you, you might find yourself colliding with another car, going in the wrong direction, or any other similar error.

In the end :

I closed this feature from the settings menu because it bothered me a lot, and I found it repeated after a while and not the same magnificence that makes me want to see it many times.

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