Best Playstation 4 exclusive games

Since the launch of the PlayStation 4 in November 2013, Sony has done a great job in releasing an excellent range of PlayStation 4 exclusive games to date on the gaming platform.
In 2018, Sony’s impressive music continued with the launch of the great God of War in April and the Spider-Man’s release came close in a few months.
Please find in the list below the best PlayStation 4 exclusive games, which you can not find anywhere else.
This means that these games can’t be on Xbox One, PC, or even Switch, or even on a previous PlayStation system.
Whether you’re getting a new PS4, or if you have one for a while, and simply want to stay abreast of all available platforms, you’ll find your point on the subject.

1- Bloodborne :

Bloodborne is more than just a change of scenery compared to Dark Souls.
The game offers a completely new combat system that prohibits the use of shields, giving you speed not previously found in original Souls games, where you should avoid incoming attacks rather than shield them.
In this way has made wars more difficult, fierce, and also more fun for any player even if not a lover of the original series Souls.
It has also provided many of the features that made the original series world-famous, such as the innovative stages, the monsters are fierce, and the story is breathtaking.
Bloodborne is not just a game for the fans of Dark Souls, but it’s also one of the best exclusive games you can get on your PS4.

2- Gravity Rush :

Our original Gravity Rush draws on its own charm and distinctive characters. Kat’s ability to eliminate gravity has made the game a source of imagination and vitality that you will not find in any other game.Gravity Rush continues to showcase the strange and dazzling gameplay of the first part, moving the game to a whole new level, with a larger world, a longer story, and more innovative modifications.
The game is amazing.

Explore the world is really fun, fighting you can not underestimate him, the story is also interesting, the players are prompted to think about and analyzed by long stings.

3- Horizon Zero Dawn :

Horizon Zero Dawn combines a story full of difficulties and life lessons with the awesome fighting style that puts you in the face of death every second.
Horizon is more than just a game about killing giant dinosaurs. It’s a brave woman’s story that overcomes many difficult and sometimes impossible challenges.
The game features high-quality graphics, unique and fun soundtrack, along with the unforgettable heroine Aloy and the story of her struggle in the wild world of the game.

4- In-Famous: Second Son :

You have full freedom to choose from the first moment, until the end of the game, you want to be a hero or a wicked person, it is up to you completely.
Although the game is released in 2014, you will feel that the game is being released today, due to attractive graphics and carefully crafted graphics.
The game is very big, and the way the Hero Delsin plays the game with the environment around him, how he uses his abilities to defeat enemies and develop his abilities are all done correctly.
The story is probably not one of the best stories in the gaming world. But there were many emotional points in the story that stir emotions, and give real meaning to the long hours you will spend in this game.

5- Shadow of the Colossus :

Part of what makes this game unique is its relatively simple design.
You explore the vast and fascinating world of 16 unique and terrible animals, a group of giants thousands of times larger than you, to birds of immense size fighting with air, and giant mythological snakes fighting underwater.
The introduction is simple, but you will not imagine that you will probably spend the best eight hours in your life in this task that the game does not want you to feel is a noble task for some reason.
Some new players may be surprised by the simplicity of Shadow of the Colossus, or very few hours of play compared to current games.
But this game with improved controls, performance, and massive graphics, remains one of the best PlayStation games ever.

6-Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End :

Uncharted 4 is a unique title that anyone should get if interested in the type of interactive, deep and fun stories.
Naughty Dog has introduced a whole new level in the gaming industry and has forced other gaming companies to develop themselves to keep up with the new standard of Uncharted 4 for the gaming industry.
The game offers impressive scenes, a stunning level of detail, amazing characters, and emotional depth, making the game a masterpiece for any PS4 player.

7-Until Dawn :

The game kept me enjoying and enjoying my entire 10-hour game.
The game also offers you many shocking surprises if you return them again and choose different paths.
The choices you make have an effective impact on the story, and you will never feel it is a script written by someone. You will feel a terrifying experience for the last moment in the game.
The game is a real masterpiece with brilliant graphics, animations, and a frightening and attractive atmosphere. You can consider the game as a self-contained horror film.
The game will not only attract game lovers, but horror fans will also have a lot of fun seeing their choices turn into real horror scenes they may have seen in horror movies before.

8-The Last Guardian :

The details are gold coins in Fumito Ueda’s games, just like Shadow Of The Colossus, the game is a river flowing with passionate emotions.
Although the game suffers from some technical problems, it offers a warm and beautiful adventure filled with innumerable emotional moments.
The game is one of the few games I needed to think about myself and make my own decisions, instead of relying on the aid inside the game, and my inability to participate in any change in the story of the game written in advance.
The Last Guardian is not just a game, it’s a work of art you will not forget for the rest of your life.

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