All you need to know about PUBG game on PS4


Good and long, PUBG is now released on PS4, allowing players to enjoy one of the most popular games of the year.
PUBG or Unknown’s Battlegrounds player has been available on the Xbox, computers and mobile phones, and has received many improvements and changes over time.

The PlayStation 4 version of the famous Royal game will contain all the modifications and additions that were included in the other game versions, all the maps, modification of the game rules as you want, in addition to some features in the PS4 version only.

Let’s get to know all these new features, as well as answer all questions fans may want about the game version on the PlayStation 4 platform.

General information about the game

All players will need to buy the PlayStation Plus plus the basic game for online gaming.
Features such as Custom Matches and Event Mode will not be available at the release but will be available later on the platform. As for map selection and game systems, they will be available after game servers are filled with appropriate players.

The game will need 25GB of storage on players’ devices.

The game will contain three basic maps Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok as soon as they are released.
You can not use your mouse and keyboard to play the game yet.

Players can not play on other gaming platforms yet.

The game will support HDR on PS4 and PS4 PRO, but will not support 4K Resolution. The basic framerate in the game will be 30FPS.

The game will have access to 38 Trophy at launch, all similar in concept with the game version on the Xbox One.
Map of New Vikendi

The PS4 version of the game contains a new fourth map, called Vikendi, which will be launched later on the platform for the players, and we still do not know much about it except some minor details.

Vikendi map contains dense forests, in addition to a warm beach at the edges, and snowy mountains in the middle of the map. The map area is 6X6.

The developer of PUBG said earlier this year that the map will contain only vehicles and means of transportation for this map.

Various versions of PUBG game on PS4

Initially, all players can get PUBG as a normal game disc like other games, if they want to keep them at home or switch them with friends.

All players who have already ordered the game will receive exclusive costumes inspired by exclusive Playstation games like Uncharted and The Last Of Us.

There are also different versions of the game other than the original version, which contains some extra help for new players. All copies contain pre-order rewards but vary in the quality of the bonus.

Looter’s Edition:

The standard version of the game, priced at $ 30, includes the original game plus pre-order rewards, as well as a background and avatar format for use on the PS4 platform.

Survivor’s Edition: Contains all the things in the previous version, plus 2300 G-Coins to buy things in the game, access to the map of Vikendi when launched, plus 20,000 BP points. The price of this version is fifty dollars.
Champion’s Edition: Contains all the things in the previous version, changing the number of G-Coins that can be obtained up to 6000 G-Coin, and the price of this version is $ 60.

In the end

We advise all players not to miss the official launch day. All players who enter the game on this day will receive a new exclusive Playstation Parachute on this day. There is no better time than now to buy PUBG on PS4.

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