10 Great PlayStation 4 games will be released in 2019/2020

Here are ten PlayStation 4 games to be released in 2019/2020:

1- Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 :

An action game that plays roles played online by several players and belongs to a third-person shooter category or a third-person shooter, where a part of the player’s body and objects can be seen.
The game takes place in the US capital of Washington, where battles are fought between some people and groups of criminals, and players cooperate with each other to achieve a set of goals in the context of the events of the game, and the game includes combat battles can be up to 8 players to participate.

2-Mortal Kombat 11 :

This is the 11th version of the famous fighting game Mortal Kombat, which first appeared in October 1992 and was working on the popular arcade platform at the time, which was widespread in public entertainment and then became available on home gaming devices.

3-Rage 2 :

This game belongs to the category of action games called “First-person Shooter H” or “First Person Shooter”. It is a type of action game in which weapons are used by a single character. The player only sees the hand, the weapon and the objects that appear in front of him as he moves.
The game revolves around a guard called Walker who survives after most humans die after an asteroid collides with the earth where he will have to fight in this destruction to keep his life alive.

4- Shenmue 3 :

Shinmo is a single-player action game, the first of which was launched in 1999. The creator of the game, Yu Suzuki, launched a collective funding campaign on Kickstarter to finance the development of the new version, raising more than $ 6 million Of more than 69,000 shareholders.

5-MLB: The Show 19 :

This game is a simulation of the Major League Baseball, and will be available when launched in the form of four different versions and you can see the differences between them through the game page on the PlayStation site.

6- Jump Force:

A martial arts game inspired by several Japanese stories, published in a Japanese magazine called Weekly Shnnen Jump, follows the main Jump magazine and will be released in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the magazine.

7-Anthem – Legion of Dawn:

The game belongs to the third-person shooter category and is played online by several players. The player can play with 3 other players to explore their surroundings and provide them with special suits containing a variety of weapons and super abilities.

8-Kingdom Hearts 3 :

Action and role-playing game featuring many famous Disney characters such as Donald Duck, Goovy, Micky Mouse and other characters searching for the Seven Light Guards, and the key to the return of hearts to thwart the Xehanort plan to ignite the Second Keyblade War.

9-Psychonauts 2 :

An individual game that allows the player to control a person called Raz and has supernatural psychic abilities, such as the ability to enter the minds of others, set fire and control it using his mind and raise things and move them remotely using the mind.

10- MediEvil :

An individual game is a game of adventure and includes several tasks that must be implemented to continue the game through several levels, and the hero Daniel Fortesque can use several types of weapons near-range, such as swords or long-range archery arrows, in addition to the use of shields for protection.

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